Some reasons to book a Vietnam trip package

1. Fresh seafood
Vietnam is popular for seafood.Freshly snails, shrim and fish can be found anywhere.I am sure that you will love fresh seafood after the first try.You should try all kind of fish here, because some of them you could hardly find at your country.Despite having yummy taste, the price of food is really low thanks to its popularity there.
2. Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta is in the Southwestern of Vietnam and is an ideal desitnation in any Vietnam vacation packages.Mekong Delta is like a wonderful drawing with green as its major color.Everything, from the houses, the boats to the market, is floating upon the wide river which flows to many canals and streams.If you decide to have a holiday package there, prepare to wow with the floating markets – an unique feature of Mekong Delta.Traveling around Mekong Delta and try every fruits being sold in this marvelous river is properly the most wonderful travel I have ever had.

Mekong Delta (Vietnam holiday tours)
3. Pho
If you have a tour to Vietnam, do not forget to try Pho – one of the most incredible dish in this S shaped country.It is consist of broth, rice noodle called “banh pho” in Vietnam, meat and a few herb.Vietnamese usually use Pho for breakfast, however in some cities people eat Pho at any time of day, which Hanoi is the most typical example.Vietnamese feel proud of Pho since it is listed in the list of 50 most incredible food by CNN.Wandering in the street of Vietnam, the fragrancy of Pho is so attractive that will entice you to rush into some store and enjoy its mouthwatering flavour.
4. Halong bay
Halong has the meaning of “descending dragon” in Vietnamese. Interesting name, and interesting destination too.Halong really deserve the name “herritage site of the world”.Coming to Halong bay, the breathtaking landscape will make you feel like you have fallen into some heaven on earth. Mother Nature has favoured Halong Bay with multitude of towering limestone islands, which is covered by rainforests in the top, and pure water with color as green as emerald.The sizes and shapes of limestone karsts and isles is variety.Travelling to Halong bay should be taken on normal day since it is too crowded on holidays and vacations.
5. City parks
Vietnamese parks are more interesting and amazing than we thought. Vietnamese people usually do exercise or dance together in the morning. Jogging or running around the park is also a regular activity in the park. Collective action is a nice feature in Vietnam’s culture.You can take part in those activities and have fun if you want to; don’t worry too much, you are always welcome since Vietnamses people are friendly.
So this is a post explaining carefully why I am crazy about Vietnam package tours. Among all tour packages in Vietnam, I like Hanoi tour packages the most. In the next articles I will share with you some tips to have a memorable Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour.

Some reasons to book a Vietnam trip package

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